Hello Fresh: my honest review!

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Long story short, I loved it! If thats all you needed to know, you can stop reading now. The ingredients were definitely fresh, the steps were super simple, and the end result was a nearly cleaned plate.  Success all around!


To get more detailed, while I enjoyed my Hello Fresh meals, I do feel like they are targeted to people who have next to zero knowledge of cooking.  I am the first to admit that I hate reading recipes. For the most part when I cook, I get an idea of a general recipe, then I just go for it. I embellish upon fixed recipes all the time, so that was the hardest part for me. Just simply reading the instructions and following along was agonizing. I love that they give you everything you need for the recipes, but a lot of the items were things that I already have in my home.  Will I personally order from Hello Fresh again? Sure, why not. I think I'll save it for the weeks before I travel as to avoid having groceries just sitting around while I'm gone.  I highly recommend it if you are someone who is just dipping your toes into cooking and want to get better. 


This particular meal was "Vibrant Veggie Skewers"  My carnivorous husband joined me in eating this vegetarian meal, and he absolutely loved it! I will definitely be adding this recipe to my handy dandy notebook!  The marinade for the veggie skewers was very simple and gave a bold flavor to them. I was a little hesitant about the corn and tomato relish when I first read it, but once you mix in the feta cheese, it made for a very delicious addition to the cous cous bed at the bottom of this dish.  While this was definitely a delicious meal, I think I'll switch it up in the future and get creative with my skewers. I love almost all veggies, but being that Robert is a bit more picky, I'll play around with things I think he'd enjoy more. I ended up eating all of the mushrooms! 


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I definitely want to hear about your experiences with Hello Fresh. What are your favorites? This was my first time trying out anything like this. I love cooking, and this was a fun experiment that I'll keep in mind for those lazy weeks, happy cooking!




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