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January is the Monday of months, so obviously it's when people set goals or "resolutions," if you will. My goal for 2017 is simple enough: Consistency!

I love healthy food and working out just as much as I enjoy doing absolutely nothing and binge watching Netflix for hours on end. I love reading and fashion, and I'm bursting with ideas. The one thing always holding me back has been consistency. There was a time back in 2014 where I almost had abs that were #goal worthy. All of a sudden, I just stopped working out! Why am I like this?! I mean, I eventually went back to my gym, but post-30, it's just not that easy to bounce back. Even this blog post is an example. Initially, I planned to start this on January 1st (because duh!), but here we are on the 12th. "Better late than never" has always been my motto, but no more!! 2017 will be full of consistency and accountability. Reader be warned, I tend to ramble and write how I think. You're welcome to follow along if you like!

I would categorize this as a lifestyle blog for the not-so-basic-but-everyday woman. I often feel like there's not enough time in the day. Sometimes my house is a disaster zone, I love quinoa just as much as I love doughnuts, and I most definitely do not always have my life together. I do always give an honest effort and I have lots of great things planned for this year and the not-too-distant future. You may even get to enjoy the occasional Pinterest fail! Please feel free to comment and send emails; I love a good book or food recommendation. I want your input, and you can totally tell me to shut up. But then again you also don't have to read this. I'm not forcing anyone, just using this as an outlet like many millennials do!

Here, you will find a culmination of the things I love:
- Fashion
- Food
- Reading
- Travel
- My Fitness Journey

So stick around and see what my blog develops into! As time goes by, we can travel together and learn from my mistakes so that you won't have to. Let's make 2017 the best year yet! I'm excited to document all of my experiences, memories, and adventures from stylings tips to recipe attempts to fitness updates and even pictures of my dog, Penny! There's more to come very soon, and I'm excited to get this going!

- Fallon


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