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Ok, so it has taken me a while to be able to write this post. It was exactly 1 month ago today that I was home, fresh off my trip to Tulum, Mexico when I realized how much I would miss paradise. Sure, I've been to many beaches and tropical destinations, but there's just something about Tulum!  I felt at ease the moment we got to our hotel, and that light feeling of wonder remained with me for the entire stay.  It really was a magical experience.


I definitely cannot take credit for this fantastic idea. The whole purpose of this trip was to celebrate the BOHO SOCIALITE's birthday in style! After all, she is the queen of blogging and all things internet, so we left the destination totally up to her! The theme of the trip was #TulumTwirl and we had all the fun! To be 100% honest, we rarely left the resort.  There were 3 of us total, all flying in from different cities. I was a little nervous to have to find them at the Cancun airport without the use of a cell phone (because data roaming charges are no bueno!)  We had made a plan to meet up at Budget where we rented our car from online.  When I made it through customs there was a budget kiosk so I told them the reservation number and I was taken to the location by shuttle.  Mickey and Brett on the other hand had a bit of a struggle finding me...They saw the same kiosk in their terminal, but there was no one as helpful to show them the way.  Poor babies ended up trekking from the airport to the Budget location which was literally off the airport property! They walked up almost two hours later dragging their luggage in the excruciating Mexican sun! (Think New Orleans weather in July and thats about the humidity level we're talking!)  We got the car situation sorted out and then we were off to Tulum which was about an hour and a half drive from the Cancun airport.


The thing about driving in Mexico is...PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS they switch their speed limit more than Mickey changes hair color (no shade, I love her hair!) but for real, it made me slightly nervous. I did not want to go to jail in Mexico!  After catching up and telling stories on the car ride, we arrived at our home for the next 4 days.  Everything about the Diamante K was exquisite.  Our hotel was on the grounds of a national park, so it had an authentic rustic feel with all the elegance of a full resort.  Obviously after a full day of travel we were famished so as soon as we put our luggage down, we headed to the restaurant! We ate all our meals at the same spot, because like I said before, we hardly left the property!  Yum does not begin to cover it. Every ingredient of every meal was just so fresh!  The staff at the resort were all amazing and if you can't tell, I highly recommend staying there. 


Our bungalow was literally the cutest thing ever.  Loft style with two floating beds covered by mosquito netting and a bathroom with an open air shower. It was literally paradise y'all!  There's no pool or anything but it isn't needed when you have the sea at your disposal. The water was so clear and beautiful. I'm holding onto the sound of those waves lulling me to sleep for as long as I can continue to paint the memory vividly in my mind.  I did not have a single care in the world. I was surrounded by beauty with great company and great food, what more could a girl ask for?  


We did venture off the resort a few times. We made an attempt or two to see the ruins, but our timing was awful. Either they had literally just closed all tours or we were too early...*shoulder shrugs. I was totally fine lounging around reading, napping and eating!  This just means I'll have to go back to do things like take tours and go on excursions. This trip was for relaxation, and in that sense it was a total success.  One thing that really stood out to me was how under developed Tulum still is.  You can totally see where people are coming in and developing these beautiful resorts and yoga studios, but I'm glad we got to drive around and see the "real Tulum"  The locals were so kind and happy.  We never had any problems getting recommendations or directions.  What i couldn't help but notice was everything that I take for granted in my day to day life.


(Sorry, this is where I'm going to get real for a second and talk about the not so glamorous part of the trip...) 


We drove around looking for an area with boutiques and shopping, of course with me as the driver, we got turned around, but this allowed us to see Tulum off the beaten path.  It was so heartbreaking to see a big beautiful newly constructed yoga retreat on side of the street while seeing huts, LITERAL HUTS built of drift wood and twigs, that were home for some of the locals. In one of the neighborhoods we passed, they had fires going to cook their food and clothes were hanging on lines to dry. There was no running water or power.  This really put things into perspective for me. I guarantee if you were to ask the citizens of Tulum if they were poor, they would say no.  Everyone was so kind and happy.  Selling their fresh produce and hand made goods in small local markets.  It took a lot for me not to cry at the sight of all this.  I was humbled and grateful and just overwhelmed by how lucky I've been in life.  Not to get all sappy, but it was a beautiful experience and I will never be the same for having gone on this trip.  


In the event that you do take this wonderful trip to this most amazing destination, please just be aware.  Don't be obnoxious and make asinine ungrateful comments in the presence of the locals.  Pick up your garbage,  ( On the public beach there was litter from the tourists) and just try your hardest to be appreciative. I cannot express enough how deeply I was affected by this experience.  Next time I go I'm dragging my husband and doing all the fun sight seeing things that I neglected the first time around! 


I'm in the process of working with Pura Vida bracelets as a fundraising effort for the people of Tulum, don't worry, I'll keep you guys posted on that! In the mean time, bring unwanted gently used clothing items or children's toys if you visit. I made the cutest little friend at our resort and her mother worked at the hotel. Their passion for live and overall ease and happiness was contagious! 


Let me know if you do end up going! I'd love to hear your thoughts and reminisce about the beauty of nature.  I cant wait to get back!!  If you have further questions, please fire away, I love hearing from you guys!! 


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