About Kanan & Willow

Why Kanan & Willow?

I wanted to create a brand that was ambiguous, yet with the ability to resonate personally with each customer. A place for someone to come and cultivate their style without any expectations and preconceptions. 

For me, Kanan & Willow is home. Both figuratively and literally. I grew up, and thus was influenced equally, in two places. Kanan comes from Kanan Road in Southern California, the exit to get to my house growing up in Agoura Hills. The winding road also led through the hills of Malibu and down to the Pacific Coast, where style was laid-back and effortless with denim cutoffs and a crocheted top being the ultimate SoCal uniform. Willow is the name of the street that my parents live on in New Orleans, the other place that I call my home and grew in me a love of brass bands, bright costumes, and beignets.

I have always gravitated towards a more simple style. I wanted to create something that fused both of my largest influences. Something that felt like coming back to the origins of my style.

Kanan & Willow is limitless. It can be anything to anyone, a place where you can create your own feeling and lifestyle you desire. A place for you to get back to your basics and explore your style, day or night.


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